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At HK INDUSTRIES, we offer a wide range of Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors to meet your unique material handling needs. Our conveyors are designed for versatility and durability, making them the ideal choice for a variety of applications

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Are you ready to elevate your material handling operations with our Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors from HK INDUSTRIES? View our entire line of conveyors, including additional models and options that may suit your specific requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

HK INDUSTRIES Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors are versatile and find applications in various industries. They are commonly used for tasks such as drying, cooling, moving hot parts, and handling heat-treated, washed, dried, or quenched components. Whether you’re in manufacturing, food processing, or any other industry, our conveyors can enhance your material handling processes.

Yes, we offer a variety of wire mesh configurations to suit your specific needs. You can choose from different belt types and configurations based on the nature of your materials and the requirements of your application. HK INDUSTRIES provides the flexibility to customize our conveyors to match your unique requirements.

Selecting the right conveyor model and size depends on your specific loads and installation requirements. Our expert team at HK INDUSTRIES can assist you in making the best choice. Factors to consider include the type of materials you’re handling, desired conveyor width, and whether you need a cooling, drying, or multi-functional conveyor

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